Why do Services Mapping?

Service Maps are part of a larger research and consultation initiative to identify existing newcomer service assets mapping (services available for newcomers) and gaps in available services. Service maps serve as a foundational study to inform the strategic community planning process in Saskatoon.

How were Service Maps developed?

The following selection criteria is used to identify newcomer services and programs:

  • The program, service or initiative is available to immigrants and refugees and has demonstrated a positive contribution to the settlement experience;
  • The program, service or initiative is available within the geographic boundaries of the city of Saskatoon (except where there is a unique service provided outside of Saskatoon that is critical to the settlement process); and,
  • The program, service or initiative is provided at no cost.

All programs are listed under six main categories:

  1. Settlement and Refugee services.
  2. Health and Nutrition services.
  3. English Language services.
  4. Employment and Education Support services.
  5. Community Integration services.
  6. Individual and Family Support services.

Browse Service Maps

To search Saskatoon services:

  • Use the filters along the top.
  • For best results use both category and sub-category to get a refined list.
  • Click on the icons on the map to view service categories offered at a location.
  • Use your mouse to zoom in or otherwise navigate around the map, as you normally would with any Google map.
  • Find out more about programs available at locations by expanding a business’ listing in the section below the map.
Service Sectors