Welcome to Our New Website

We are pleased to welcome you to the new Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPS.ca) website. We wanted our website to showcase a few things about our organization and introduce ourselves to Saskatoon. If you aren’t familiar with what a Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is, then here is a bit more about who we are and what we do.

What is IPSK.ca?

The Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPS) is a multi-sectoral partnership involving 70 local organizations working on shared awareness and leadership to create enabling environments for collective action designed to attract, settle, and integrate newcomers to Saskatoon.

IPS Partners include the City of Saskatoon, local Universities and colleges, the three school boards, employers and employer associations, settlement, human and Health service providers, regional planning bodies, faith and ethnocultural sectors, justice and police, and First Nations/Metis.

The ultimate shared vision of IPS partners is to work together across sectors to make Saskatoon a welcoming and inclusive Community.

The Evolution of Our Brand

Our friends at Trusted Marketing Services were up for the task of building not only a new website for us, but a brand. We didn’t have a logo or colours, or anything, and they led the charge for this who process and we are very happy with the outcome. Their knowledgeable and expert team really made the process smooth for us. organized and set up the site architecture, designed a beautiful site, and helped organize content.

To identify newcomer services and programs available in our city, check out the amazing and interactive Services Sector Map that the Trusted Team created for us: Services Map.

If you want to get involved with us or learn more about IPSK, please don’t hesitate to contact us!