City of Saskatoon and Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPSK) Develop Newcomer Strategy and Action Plan.

The City of Saskatoon and the Local Immigration Partnership are in the process of developing a Newcomer Strategy and Action Plan to make Saskatoon more welcoming for newcomers and to improve accessibility to services.

The Local Immigration Partnership is a federal government initiative that is community-led and works towards a coordinated and collaborative approach to integrated newcomer services. “The City of Saskatoon, through Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPS), is committed to bringing our stakeholders together to build a welcoming community that attracts, employs, and supports newcomers,” says Athanas Njeru, City of Saskatoon Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator.

Athana Njeru of IPSK TalkingWorking Group members are sought from a variety of backgrounds, including, but not limited to: newcomer-serving agencies, public services, language and employment training providers, regional employment networks, industry associations, business leaders, health services, public safety, faith-based organizations, community and/or cultural organizations/networks.

“We are looking for people that have an interest in community revitalization and who are passionate about diversity to join other committed and broad-minded volunteers,” says Tracy Muggli and Ali Abukar, IPS Partnership Council Co-Chairs. Members will be chosen through a selection committee based upon experience, geographic relevance, volunteer or business affiliation, and understanding of newcomer needs.



We are currently recruiting several positions in the following thematic groups:

  1. Employment – This working group will enhance labour market accessibility in Saskatoon and region, as well as facilitating timely access and support for immigrant populations that are not entering the labour market, such as seniors, those with disabilities, and new entrepreneurs.
  2. Language – This working group will foster language proficiency for newcomers in English and French.
  3. Social Integration & Community – The Work will include public education campaigns, multicultural celebrations, building a sense of community and belonging, acknowledgement and celebration of newcomer volunteerism, development of leadership capacity in the newcomer population, empowerment of newcomers to participate in civic/political decision-making processes, increasing awareness of benefits of newcomers to Saskatoon, planning and implementing actions to foster welcoming attitudes and strategies to build social connections between immigrants and non-immigrants.
  4. Stakeholders/Service Providers – This working group will ensure programs and partnerships/networks are in place to support newcomers in a more collaborative way.

Interested candidates are encouraged to send an email expressing interest to by September 10th, 2019. Please identify which working group(s) interests you with an explanation of your organization, community or network and how it connects to the goals described above.


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