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Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPS) is growing. We are looking for immigrants, newcomers and refugees interested in joining its Immigrant Advisory Table. This is a unique opportunity to participate in the initiative that aims to build a truly welcoming and inclusive Saskatoon.

The primary objectives of the Immigrant Advisory Table are to:

  • Provide input in the development of the Immigration Partnership Saskatoon.
  • Increase awareness of and engagement in cultural diversity in Saskatoon.
  • Help advise current and future strategic directions related to immigrant, refugee and newcomer outcomes.
  • Provide insight and lived-experience information to the Partnership Council.
  • Advise Working Groups on activities, events, community consultations, and research.
  • Make sure a variety of faith and ethno-cultural communities are involved with the work.
  • Act as Cultural Ambassadors of IPS and assist with the outreach to ethno-specific and Faith communities during the consultation processes.


We are looking for members who:

  • Are immigrants and newcomers or refugees living and/or working in Saskatoon.
  • Represent the diversity of Saskatoon (a range of countries of origin, length of time in Canada, immigration status, age, gender, occupational/educational backgrounds, etc.).
  • Have experience, knowledge and, abilities related to immigration integration, community development or civic engagement.
  • Are non-partisan and,
  • Have been to Canada for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years.

There are a limited number seats on the Immigrant Advisory Table. Unfortunately, not all applications will be accepted. Applicant’s diverse backgrounds will be taken into consideration in the selection process. IPS wants to form a well-represented Immigrant Advisory Table (ex. Variety of spoken languages, country of origin, age, ability, education, skills, profession, immigration category, length of time in Canada, religion, and gender). All applications will be kept on file and applicants may be contacted in the future as seats become available. To get involved or get more information, please contact us.


If you are interested in participating in the Partnership Council, one of our Working Groups, or the Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) please contact us for more information